About Me

I am a first time mum to a beautiful little boy and am currently on Maternity Leave and hence have a little time to share my experiences with other mums and mum's to be.

When I found out that I was pregnant apart from being thrilled I was terrified as I hadn't had a lot of experience with babies and children. I remember walking into a high street children's store and feeling such panic as I surveyed the wide variety of choice and different products available.

There are so many different things available and it's not possible to try everything - hence I hope these reviews and tips will be useful to other mums considering these products.

My number one top tip for all Mum's would be to join an NCT Class before your baby is due.
The antenatal classes aren't cheap and they do cover the same things that your local hospital antenatal class could offer - however it does provide you with one thing that money can't buy - a network of similar people, in the same situation as you in the class. These people will become your support network as you all lean on each other as you get through those first few weeks.