Nappy Time Amusement

Age - 3 Months +
Price - £4.50 (IKEA)
Rating - ***

As my little one approaches five months old, gone are the days when he would lie still for a nappy change. Often now we are wrestling him into his nappy. And as he gets bigger and stronger I have no doubt this will become an even greater challenge.

I purchased this mobile as I longed for those days to return where he would gaze distractedly at something (the wall next to the changing table used to suffice) and for now this mobile is having the desired effect. I'm sure the novelty will soon wear off but until it does I'm a happy mummy!


Simple Pleasures

Age - 3 Months +
Price - from £1
Rating - *****

One of the simplest and most pleasurable ways to amuse your little one is by blowing bubbles. This is something we first encountered in a baby sensory class and ever since we've introduced bubbles to bath time and playtime to amuse our little one.

It is so cheap and simple, you can pick up numerous "party bag" bubble tubes in supermakets for £1 or under and the hours of fun are endless.

If you're looking to splash out, there are also bubble machines you can purchase to blow the bubbles for you. Useful if you want to introduce bubbles at bath time if there is only one person present.


Treasuring Special Memories

Age - Newborn +
Price - £12.00
Rating - *****

These "Milestone Baby Cards" are brilliant for documenting those "firsts" and age milestones. They go from 1 week old right through to 1 year.

The idea is that you take a photograph with your baby next to the cards for each milestone achievement or age. Even now, my little one is only four months but it's amazing looking back at how he has changed - it's so easy to forget how old they were too when each thing happened.

I've also had lots of comments from friends on Facebook that they like the cards and many have got some for their own baby. Perhaps they'd also be a good newborn baby gift too!