Our favourite thing at ... four months

After hearing other mums recommending one of these, we purchase a JUMPEROO for our little one. He started in it at about three and a half months, but the age and suitability is really dependent on the size and weight of your baby as well as their head control.

There are lights and sounds to encourage your baby to bounce, different songs and different activities around it, and it rotates around so baby can enjoy the different activities. As well as a parrot and frog dangling from the leaves above. We find that our little one gets over tired if in it for more than twenty minutes at a time, but even so, twenty minutes of contented happy baby is worth it for us.

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo (from £65)
There are three height options, our little one is already in the second option so I can't imagine that he'll be in it for very long. However there are many available second hand and the resale value is pretty high.

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