Getting Started on Weaning ... Cutlery

Age - 4 months +
Price - £3
Rating - ****

Once you've read up on weaning and decided that your little one is ready to try their first "solid" foods, its time to get in some essential kit.

There is not a lot that is a must-have but a soft-tipped weaning spoon is a good idea. If you chose to use pouches of puree rather than making your own then a spoon really is all you need, as you can squeeze straight from the pouch.

Using a soft tipped spoon is essential to prevent any nasty accidents with metal cutlery and to protect your little ones gums.

Top Tip: I always give my little one a spoon to hold and play with in addition to the spoon that I use to feed them. It helps them feel involved and develops their motor skills as well as keeping their little hands out of the bowl and off the spoon I'm using to feed them

I will cover more on kit needed to make and store your own puree's later, however the other piece of kit you may need is a bowl. This can be any plastic, BPA free, dishwasher safe bowl. I however like these Tommee Tippee Explora Bowls.

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